Crystal Snyder

Healthy Skin, Happy Life

A Passion for Skincare & a Love for Hair

Rochester, NY’s Salon Crystallia started in a spare bedroom over seven years ago by current owner, Crystal Snyder. The salon has since grown into a respected establishment offering services in many realms of the beauty industry. From skincare, permanent makeup, lashes and waxing to customized cuts, colors and formal styles.

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Crystal Snyder


Hi guys! I’m Crystal, owner of Salon Crystallia. I will give you a little background on the salon and me, as long as you promise to introduce yourself to me if we ever cross paths!

I grew up with the best group of neighborhood kids anyone could ask for in Hilton, New York. I am the oldest of two, with one stubborn little sister I love to death and typical overbearing Italian parents who would support anything I ever wanted to do in life. I have countless cousins I grew up extremely close with, and to this day, remain close to. I’m an auntie to many, a friend, sister, daughter, grandchild, dog-mom, girlfriend, and co-worker. I have been lucky to know so many amazing people throughout my life!

After I graduated from Hilton High School in 2001, I went on to beauty school at Shear Ego International School Of Hair Design, where I graduated in 2003. I also took classes at MCC and a small community college in Orlando, Florida, for Business Management & Marketing.

If you asked me when I was a little girl what my favorite color was and what I wanted to be when I grew up, the answer would have been purple and a hairdresser. I would do my friends’ little sister’s hair and my little sister’s friends’ hair for the eighth-grade night, prom ﹣ you name it.

In my early 20s, I became a cosmetologist working at a full-service salon and spa called Vibe. I provided hair & skin services for about two years.

I am not gonna lie; I wasn’t in love. I ended up moving to Florida, where my license didn’t transfer. I worked as a spray tanner and a bartender. After about a year, I came home just doing hair for friends and family and ended up working at a couple of local barbershops. I decided cutting men’s hair was my knack. I ended up turning a spare bedroom in my house off Winton Road into a cutting room. This was the “original” Salon Crystallia seven years ago. At this time, I had no intentions of ever owning a salon or expanding.

After about four years, I moved to the Bluffs in Webster, relocating, and slightly expanding Salon Crystallia. At this point, I was working in my basement, definitely more functional than the original! Although I was still the only person working, I had the opportunity to go back to school and expand my services. This was when I found my true passion in the industry: SKINCARE!

I planned to be a stay-at-home mom working part-time alongside Baby Capone, my Rottie. After about a year, things didn’t exactly go as planned. Capone and I moved out, but we still worked from that location for a little over a year. I also went back to bartending. Working from the Webster location wasn’t really working out, nor was bartending. On St. Patrick’s Day 2019, I was pushed over the edge… I told myself I would never surround myself with such miserable, mean, vindictive, horrible humans ever again in my life. I would rather be poor and happy.

May 5th, 2019, the current location of Salon Crystallia opened. In less than one year, I had built the dream team. I can’t say enough good things about my work family! Not only are each one of them beyond talented and passionate about their work, but they are also kind, genuine, amazing people. Not one day feels like work.

I owe this amazing year to YOU! We wouldn’t have anything. We wouldn’t have gotten through our first year and many years to come. We wouldn’t have our dream job without your love and support, our amazing clients, friends, family, neighbors, Brighton Chamber, Galvin Realty, our better halves, and the list goes on. I personally can’t thank you all enough.

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I proudly provide skincare, waxing, permanent makeup, lash, brow, and hair services

Plasma Fibroblast

Plasma Fibroblast is used to tighten sagging skin, remove skin tags, remove age and sun spots, as well as erase fine lines. The initial healing process takes two weeks, on average. The final results are usually apparent after 4 months. It is well worth the wait because the results are permanent.

All services take about an hour.

  • Small Skin Tag $99
  • Small Mole $99
  • Lips $299
  • 11 Lines $299
  • Sun Spots $399
  • Forehead $399
  • Eyes $399
  • Neck $599

Permanent Makeup

  • Semi Permanent Eyeliner – Both Lids Upper & Lower (2 hours) – $400
  • Semi Permanent Eyeliner – One Lid Upper or Lower (1 hour, 30 minutes) -$250
  • Semi Permanent Eyeliner – 4 week touch-up (1 hour, 30 minutes) – Price Varies
  • Powder Brow Full Session (2 hours, 30 minutes) – $400
  • Powder Brow Annual Touch-up (2 hours) – $200
  • Powder Brow 6 Week Touch-up (2 hours) – Price Varies
  • Brow Lamination (1 hour) – $80

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

  • Needle-free treatment: Price TBD

Spa Facial

A spa facial includes a skin analysis to customize your treatment. Treatment includes exfoliation, deep pore cleansing, extractions, a customized face mask, circulatory stimulation, moisturizing, and eye treatments.

  • 1 hour: $65
  • 1 hour (Dermablade included): $75
  • 1 hour, 15 minutes (Microneedling included): $90

Mini Facial

This service includes a skin analysis so we can customize your treatment. Treatment includes exfoliation, deep pore cleansing, extractions, a customized face mask, circulatory stimulation, moisturizing, and eye treatments.

  • 30 minutes: $50
  • 45 minutes (Dermablade included): $65
  • 45 minutes (Microneedling included): $80

Hydro Jelly Facial

The Hydro Jelly Facial is made from botanical algae and infused with electrolytes. Once solidified, the jelly creates a vacuum-like seal, forcing all the nutrients to penetrate the skin’s barrier, leaving the skin intensely hydrated.

  • 1 hour: $80

BB Glow Facial

The best facial all around town! This facial includes micro-needling, dermablading, a carboxy mask, polypeptide infusion, deep pore cleansing, nano-needling, a collagen mask and a semi-permanent mineral based pigment infused into the skin. This lasts up to 7-9 months of medium coverage foundation.

  • 1 hour, 15 minutes: $150
  • 1 hour, 15 minutes (3 session pack): $400


Dermablade treatment allows your products to penetrate and work deeply by removing vellus hair (peach fuzz) and the epidermis layer of skin (dead skin), leaving your face feeling silky smooth.

  • 30 minutes: $45


Microneedling is also known as Collagen Induction Therapy. The best thing you can do for your skin to preserve its youth. This service triggers collagen production, improves skin’s elasticity, minimizes pores, evens the skin tone and diminishes fine lines.

  • 30 minutes: $65
  • 30 minutes (4 Sessions): $199
  • 40 minutes (With dermablade): $80

Light Therapy

LED Light Therapy is scientifically proven to reduce inflammation, kill bacteria that causes acne, reverse signs of aging and even pigmentation.

  • 1 session (15 minutes) $25
  • 3 pack (15 minutes) $45

Body Wax

When waxing, we use the highest quality wax on the market Starpil to gently remove unwanted hair from select areas. This technique removes hair from the follicle for long lasting results.

  • Stomach (30 minutes) $15
  • Under Arm (45 minutes) $25
  • Half Arm (45 minutes) $25
  • Feet (30 minutes) $25
  • Shoulders (45 minutes) $30
  • Lower Leg (45 minutes) $35
  • Narrow Bikini (45 minutes) $35
  • Upper Leg (1 hour) $40
  • Brazilian Wax (40 minutes) $65
  • Full Back (1 hour) $65
  • Full Leg (1 hour, 30 minutes) $75

Facial Wax

Removing unwanted hair from the follicle using the highest quality and most gentle wax on the market Starpil.

  • Lip (20 minutes) $12
  • Sideburns (30 minutes) $15
  • Chin (30 minutes) $15
  • Brow (20 minutes) $15
  • Brow & Lip (30 minutes) $22
  • Lip & Chin (30 minutes) $22
  • Brow With Tint (30 minutes) $25
  • Brow, Lip & Chin (45 minutes) $35


  • Consultation (30 minutes) Complimentary
  • Beard Trim (30 minutes) $15
  • Wash, Cut, Razor Neck Shave, Hot Towel, Style (30 minutes) $25
  • Hair Cut (45 minutes) $45
  • Hair Cut (30 minutes) $35
  • Wash, Cut, & Blowout (60 minutes) $45
  • Short/Medium Hair Formal Style (60 minutes) $65
  • Long Hair Formal Style (1 hour, 15 minutes) $75
  • Color Treatment (2 hours, 30 minutes) Price Varies

Lashes & Brows

Whether you want to spruce up your natural lashes or brows, we have you covered. With tinting, you can darken your natural lashes or brows. We also offer quality lash extensions if you’re looking to add volume. Give the illusion of a natural full brow with microblading, a semi-permanent ink technique, or powder brows, a soft shaded technique.

  • Classic Lash Fill (1 week) – 45 minutes $45
  • Classic Lash Fill (2 Weeks) – 1 hour, 30 minutes $55
  • Full Set Classic Lash Extensions – 2 hours, 30 minutes $150
  • Lash Lift & Tint (45 minutes) $80
  • Lash & Brow Tint (20 minutes) $25
  • Microblade Full Session (1 hour, 30 minutes) $250
  • Microblade Perfection $150


Book a makeup appointment for your next event/wedding.

  • 45 minutes $65

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